Toy Review: The Womanizer

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The Womanizer is a totally unique, totally awesome sex toy that I absolutely LOVED. Of all the products I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing, this has been my absolute favorite. Nothing tops this toy for me, other than an actual bona fide guy with a penis. Light but powerful vibrations, coupled with gentle suction, make the Womanizer a one-of-a-kind experience you won’t soon forget.

Name: Womanizer
Type: Clitoral VibratorOral Sex Stimulator
By: Womanizer

Best. Clitoral Orgasm. EVER.

As someone who isn’t particularly fond of vibrators, or of clitoral orgasms in general, what initially attracted me to the Womanizer was its promise of light, indirect vibrations, enhanced by light suction, offering a different experience than other vibrators on the market. I was not disappointed. When using the Womanizer, the silicone head is placed over the clitoris, which allows for precise, pinpoint stimulation, though the vibration doesn’t actually touch the clitoris directly. (Unfortunately, because of the toy’s design, it’s possible that it may not fit comfortably over larger clitorises.) You’ll know the toy is properly placed, not only by feeling but also because once in position, the toy immediately quiets from a rumbly volume to an almost imperceptible noise. Once comfortably placed, the toy’s suction element is instantly noticeable, it doesn’t exactly feel like “sucking” per se but sort of similar to oral sex, if your partner had a ridiculously tiny tongue and focused only on your clit.

The Womanizer has six levels of intensity, each press of the large jeweled button brings it up one level and tapping the power button will bring it down again to level one. Personally, I enjoyed level four the most; level five was pleasurable but intense, and level six was just too much for me. Coming from me, this is a HUGE statement – I consistently rate vibrators as “too weak” or “could have been a bit more powerful”, so when I say that a vibrator was “too much for me’, you’d better believe it! As I’ve stated before, a clitoral orgasm is not my orgasm of choice and this is partially because achieving one (especially without any penetration) can take upwards of forty-five minutes for me, AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. With the Womanizer, I had an orgasm in a matter of minutes, with no internal stimulation whatsoever! At one point, I actually found myself unintentionally holding my breath; that’s right, this toy is so good, I forgot to breathe! If that doesn’t illustrate to you how crazy this toy is, I don’t know what will.

One Specific Sensation, Two Heads

Using the Womanizer does have one, rather strange, side-effect on me though: it makes me unreasonably horny. Because the toy focuses only on the clit, even after multiple Womanizer-induced orgasms, I found myself craving penetration and more diverse stimulation. The first time I tried out this toy, I immediately hit up a fuck buddy afterwards for sex. If, like me, you’re a big fan of penetrative sex acts, you may want to consider using the Womanizer in combination with your favorite dildo, or other internal toy. For fans of varied stimulation, the Womanizer just won’t cut it when used by itself, as it only offers a very specific and localized sensation.

Another thing I liked about the Womanizer (aside from using it!) was that it came with an extra silicone head. Not only would this be great if you lost or somehow damaged the other one, it would also allow for quick and easy sharing of the toy with a partner. Instead of cleaning the toy and killing the mood, the heads could be quickly switched out for a sexy and sanitary adventure. In regards to its size, at 6.5 inches long and 2 inches in circumference, it is a bit larger than I had been expecting but it fits in my hand comfortably.   I also liked that the Womanizer came with a hard-shell carrying case. It fits not only the toy, but also all of its accessories and would make the toy simple to throw into a bag and travel with, if desired.

Cleaning & Safety

Cleaning this toy can be a bit tricky, as the body of the Womanizer is not waterproof. The silicone head can be removed and thoroughly cleaned, but the plastic body can only be wiped down carefully with a damp cloth. Because it is not waterproof, it is important to avoid getting the toy wet, during play as well as while cleaning. If you choose to use a tiny amount of lube with this toy, avoid silicone-based or fragranced lubes as they could degrade the silicone head portion of the Womanizer. If you have any clitoral piercings, remove them before using the Womanizer. As per the instruction manual that comes with the Womanizer, you should not use the toy for more than 15 minutes at a time; the manual does not elaborate on why this is, but I suspect it has to do with the toy’s suction capability.

Aesthetic Issues

I loved everything about the Womanizer, except for its aesthetic qualities. To begin with, I hate the name; not every woman has a clit and not everyone with a clit is a woman. I also don’t like the connotation the word “womanizer” has: someone who takes advantage of or disrespects woman and has earned a reputation as a womanizer is not someone I want in my life, or anywhere near my vagina. I also didn’t find the design of the toy itself particularly appealing, the oversized gemstone button and the leopard print details aren’t for everyone, and coupled with the Womanizer’s extremely light weight, I was expecting the toy to be cheap and disappointing. (This assumption was so wrong.) But overall, the incredible pleasure from this toy far outweighs any aesthetic dismay. Plus, the Womanizer comes in 5 other color schemes, which allows for a variety of aesthetic tastes.

Pros & Cons


  • Unique suction sensation
  • Powerful
  • Quiet (when used properly)
  • Easy to use
  • Allows the user to “zero in” on the clit


  • Problematic name
  • May not be comfortable for large clitorises
  • Expensive



The Womanizer is by far the best adult product I’ve ever reviewed thus far – hands down, no contest. Its unique design and functionality allow for strong yet gentle, indirect clitoral stimulation. I would recommend this toy to anyone with a clitoris, particularly people who don’t love vibrators or have had a hard time finding one that works for them. I don’t like the name, but the benefits of actually using the Womanizer far outweighed that factor for me. (If you think that the Womanizer may be a little out of your price range, instead of choosing a cheaper alternative, start saving up – you won’t regret it!) Your quest for a vibrator you’ll adore is officially over.


Latest update: Dec 21, 2017


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