Why You should try a Pussy Pump

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To pump or not to pump? That is the question! And at Adulttoymegastore we say yes! Here's why you should definitely give a pussy pump sex toy a try...

So, what is a Pussy Pump?

It's a pretty simple concept really. A pussy pump is a cup shaped device designed to create suction via a manual or automatic pump. The pumping action creates air pressure and engorges the vulva and clitoris. It's a type of sex toy for women that increases sensitivity and arousal.

Why should I use a pussy pump?

Engorging the vulva and clitoris works to heighten sensation by drawing blood into the area, making the wearer more sensitive to stimulation. For this reason alone, a pussy pump can be a great option for women that are not easily aroused, as this will almost instantly make your body more sensitive and receptive to touch. This sensitivity during and following pumping is one of the key reasons that this type of toy is so popular; the other is the aesthetic appeal of a pumped vulva. Many women pump to create the look of a plump, plush vagina like those seen in porn films but keep in mind that this cannot always be achieved by pumping as different bodies will have different results. In saying that, if that is the look you are after then a pump is your best bet for making this happen.

How will it feel?

The first few pumps will be amazing! This is when you will feel the most suction on your clitoris, the clit will harden and you will feel yourself begin to swell which should feel nice and tingly and also really exciting. For many, this sensation will be enough to get them going and no more will be needed. You can leave the cup attached and feel this suctioning pressure without pumping and just enjoy yourself at this point.

Of course, if you choose to progress with pumping the sensation will become more intense. And if it is the swollen look that you are after then prepare to walk the line between pleasure and pain. The sucking will still feel good but it may begin to feel uncomfortable around the vaginal entrance and perineum and the edges of the cup may begin to dig into the skin. Oh the things we women do to look attractive! Luckily for you, you might just get off at the same time as pumping can actually bring some women to orgasm without any further stimulation. Just make sure, you don't allow too much discomfort and if it hurts, release the pump and let your body relax.

How do I pick the right size pump?

The fit is extremely important when it comes to pumping as if the cup does not fit correctly then the primary sensation that you will experience is pain, discomfort and probably disappointment. In order to find the correct fit you need to measure from the top of the clitoral shaft, where the fatty part of the pubic mound begins, right down to the perineum, just below your vaginal entrance. Chances are that you won’t find an exact cup to fit but the idea is to find something that will come as close as possible. There are large pussy pumps and mini pussy pumpsavailable.

Too large?

A cup that is too large will also completely cover or partially cover your anus too. This means that every time that you pump it will also suck at the sensitive and delicate skin of your anus which can really hurt. Unfortunately most of the sucking and pulling will occur here and you will likely have to stop pumping early. In general, most cups do not curve enough to allow you to place it high enough on your mound and create an airtight feel if the cup is too big.

Too small?

There are some pump products that are advertised as a small, mini or petite size. Although the cup may fit fine and sit comfortably over the correct area, the cup will generally fill with air with only 2 or so pumps. This means that the sensation might not be enough to actually get you off or really offer you any sensation at all if the size is too small for your anatomy.

Make it great

It is a good idea to shave or wax the area where the cup will sit as this will help to create a better seal. Running a bit of  lube around the edge of the pump and the area of the skin that the pump will sit against will also help to enhance the strength of the seal.

Be patient and give it time as it can be very fiddly business to get an airtight seal, especially the first time round. Try lying on your back with your legs spread and the top of the cup resting on your pubic mound. The bottom of the cup should be covering the vaginal entrance and resting somewhere on the perineum.

Once the cup is in place apply a little pressure. Gently push the cup into the skin and squeeze the bulb, then, gently release it. If it is positioned correctly you will notice your labia and clitoris being sucked into the cup. If a seal is not created, slightly move the cup or give it a wiggle and try the process again.

And...Don't forget

  1. The suction effect is felt most intensely during the release of the bulb, not during the squeeze. This is important to remember as releasing the bulb too fast will cause the air to be sucked out of the cup very quickly. This will also cause the vulva to be sucked into the cup and, if the wearer is already feeling close to their limit, this may cause pain. On the other hand, squeezing the bulb too slowly may also cause the seal to break and the cup to fall off. The golden rule of pumping is "Squeeze fast, release slow!"

  2. Remember to take it slow. Pumping is much more intense than sucking with a mouth as the seal created with a cup is much stronger. As well as that, mouths are soft whereas the edge of the cup is rigid and may feel firm or hard against the skin.

  3. The difference between one pump and two pumps may be the difference between pleasure and pain. Pussy pumping is not a measure of strength and shouldn’t be used as one; there is no need to be constantly squeezing. You are meant to enjoy the sensation!

  4. If you are doing it for the look, try not to be guided too strictly by porn. The extremely swollen look so common in pornography is not easy to obtain and you are unlikely to get there without enduring some pain. And if you don't achieve this look, then don't be disappointed. All bodies are different and it doesn’t mean that you are doing it wrong, we all have different limits and you don’t want to push yours.

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